Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Currently I have the first 19 events posted. I do have images from all 70 events, and do plan to post them online. I'll update this as more events are posted.

This was my first year shooting CHAMPS, and it was definitely an experience! The one thing I wasn't prepared for was just how many photos we would end up taking. A month earlier I had shot a two-team meet in the same venue, and had taken approximately 750 photos. Based on that, I had figured we would shoot a total of 3000 to 4000 photos for the entire meet. In the end, I ended up with a total of over 7500 photos. That's a record for me, and twice as many as I've ever done on a single assignment. Besides have that many photos to go through, the sheer quantity takes up a lot of space on the computer

Photo Gift Card Codes are Still Available for a Limited Time
At CHAMPS I had a $20 Photo Gift Card Available for $18. This gave you a chance to save an additional 10% on your photo order. To make up for the delay in getting the CHAMPS photos up, I'm making Photo Gift Card codes available for purchase online. For a limited time you can purchase a $20 Photo Gift Card code for $18, or a $40 Photo Gift Card code for $36. Because these are online purchases, you will be emailed the code you use when you make your purchase, rather than mailing you one of the cards I had at the table at CHAMPS. Please note that your savings with the codes are in addition to any discounts or sales that may be going on.

The codes work the same as a store gift card. When you make you purchase, there will be a space on the payment screen to enter the code. When you enter the code, the amount will be deducted from your balance. If the amount of your purchase is less than the code value, then the code will have a balance remaining that can be used on a future purchase. Note: You can only use one code per purchase. If you have multiple codes, please contact me directly (before your purchase) and we can consolidate them into a single code.

If you wish to purchase a gift card, select your amount and click on the button below. You will receive your gift card code via email within 24 hours.

Save 10% on Photo Gift Cards

If you have any questions about the gift cards codes, please don't hesitate to contact me.

What About the Early Bird Discount? Will it be Extended?
Typically when I first post an event online, I set up an "Early Bird" discount of 15% for the first one to two weeks. Currently the CHAMPS discount expires April 15. I will keep extending it until the last of the photos are posted.

To go to the CHAMPS photo gallery, please click HERE

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