Monday, October 10, 2011

"Street Shoot" with Amber Rose

Amber is new the modeling scene. I was actually surprised when she first contacted me, because she lives in Northwest Pennsylvania, and has a bit of travel to get to the Pittsburgh area. Turns out she has friends in the area, so it isn't much of a problem for her to be here.

For this shoot I decided to try something different and tried a "Street shoot". The idea is to travel light (just a camera for me, just one outfit for the model) and work in a business district, posing with whatever is handy. It is quite a bit different from the "regular" shoots that I do, with a bag full of camera gear, flashes on stands, and other photo paraphernalia. Amber and I met in Squirrel Hill, along the Forbes Avenue business district. We went down one block, crossed the street, and came back the other side, with only a couple of minor detours (an alley, and a short distance on another street). I was amazed at the variety of settings we were able to find in just that short distance.

Amber was great to work with. It didn't faze her that we were working in public and people were watching. She took direction well and did everything I asked of her.

I'll be definitely planning more "street shoots" (and photos with Amber...) in the future.

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