Monday, December 6, 2010

Photos with Santa

Every year, the first Saturday in December is my former employer's annual holiday party. Every year we take photos of the kids (and sometimes the adults) on Santa's lap, and post 4x6 files (1200x1800 pixels) online for a free download by the parents. I do provide the option of ordering prints directly from me if people want, and there are customers who prefer to do this.

Because I've been doing this digitally since 2003, I decided to put images from previous years online also. They're not available for a free download anymore, but folks can still look at them and order prints if they want. Last year I had one family that went through and found their kids' photos from each of the previous years and ordered one print of each. It was cute to see the progression through the years as the family grew and the kids grew up.

(If you're looking for the entire gallery of Bettis Santa photos, please click here)

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