Thursday, November 18, 2010


Samantha wins the award for model who traveled the farthest for a shoot, having driven in from Akron, Ohio. In order to cut her travel time somewhat, we decided to do the shooting in Brady's Run Park, This is up in Beaver County, roughly halfway between Akron and my place. I've never shot there before, but it was rustic and rather quiet. Unfortunately, this time of year they drain the lake which is a central feature of the park, and they had chains up at the entrances to the lake area, so we had to find another part of the park to shoot in. Fortunately the park is several thousand acres, so it wasn't too hard to find another area to work at.

Samantha was extremely easy to work with, and didn't need a lot of direction. She had no problem working in the cold. Samantha's now rockin' the dark hair, and needed updated photos for her portfolio. The dark hair provides a wonderful contrast to her bright blue eyes. For something different, we went with a picnic theme, with a blanket, basket, and the works.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Paul and to the company. It was a pleasure working with you. Happy Holidays! <3