Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Office Assistants...

One of the advantages of working in a home office is that I have four office assistants of the four-legged feline variety. They are wonderful for keeping me on schedule (Especially when it is feeding time). They also love to keep things organized by pushing papers off the table onto the floor. They are trying to learn how to use the computer (although their emails and IMs still need some work). They even tell me when it is time to take a break, usually by curling up on my laptop's keyboard. Unfortunately we still have a problem with office politics (particularly fighting over who gets which workspace) and more often than not, we usually find them sleeping on the job.

Unfortunately they aren't always the best models. Even though they are always primping themselves and demanding attention, they're really poor at taking direction. Getting them to hold a pose for any length of time is difficult, and they refuse to work with others. It is also impossible to keep their attention, especially when they hear the refrigerator door open.

Pictured above is Chagall, the newest member of our staff. Like most new-hires, he is enthusiastic and energetic. He can be somewhat loud and demanding at times. I think he is angling for a job as my personal assistant, because he seemes to follow me everywhere.

Technical Details: I had to work quickly because you can never tell when a cat is going to get up and leave. I used my 35-70 f2.8 lens, set manually to f3.5. Lighting is from my SB800 set to TTL, with the head turned 180 degrees (in other words, backwards) and tilted up at 45 degrees to bounce off the wall (3 or 4 feet behind me) and ceiling.

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