Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Double Exposure": How NOT to be a Photographer

The Bravo cable channel started a new reality show this week called Double Exposure. It follows the behind-the-scenes life of celebrity photographers Klinko and Indrani. They have been featured extensively in Digital Photo Pro magazine, among other places. So I was interested in seeing how the "pros" did it.

The Wall Street Journal reviewed the episode, and noted that Klinko and Indrani had recently gone through bankruptcy proceedings. Given what I saw in the premiere episode, I'm not surprised. Besides the "jet setter" lifestyle (and the expenses entailed), the way these two act during a photo session is enough to send potential clients running. They apparently believe that "Celebrity Photography" means that the photographers are the celebrities. They fight with each other, fight with their assistants, and fight with the clients:

Although I can see where this kind of tension can result in some great photos, it doesn't inspire any confidence from the client. Why would anyone want to hire them? Ironically, Kinko talks about seducing the subject (which I agree with), but there's nothing seductive about screaming and carrying on like a prima donna. You're supposed to make a client comfortable in what for most is an uncomfortable situation.

The whole point of doing a "behind-the-scenes" video, whether it is just for YouTube or for your own reality series, is to show how professional you are, and make clients want to hire you. And Double Exposure just plain doesn't do that...

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