Monday, March 29, 2010


Things are finally starting to warm up, and we're getting a break from the rain.

Emily is a model I contacted via OneModelPlace. She has a real all-American look to her, which clearly comes across in her photos. We agreed to meet at a small park in North Huntingdon called Oak Hollow Park. It isn't a very big park, but it does have a small lake and enough variety for a range of photos.

I had a couple of objectives with this shooting. One was to work with the used Nikon N90s film camera that I recently purchased. Besides basic testing to make sure the camera was working properly, I wanted this to be a test for a hybrid workflow. The idea is to shoot film, and then have the lab save the scanned files on a CD for further digital processing. The second thing that I wanted to work on was using multiple flashes outdoors to give different looks. Besides playing with the lighting ratios, I also wanted to put snoots on the flashes to narrow the beam of light.

Above is one of the photos from the shoot. Obviously, it isn't one of the B&W film shots, and (maybe less obviously) it isn't using one of the snooted flashes. But it's still a nice shot...

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